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We are disrupting the world of exam preparation. Join us!
** New Achievements have been added! "Signer Upper" gives you an Achievement badge when you have invited 10 people who sign up! "Contributor Club" gives you an Achievement badge when you have contributed at least 50 questions that have stayed active in the system. **
Co-Founded by Dr. Ted O'Connell, author of USMLE Step 2 Secrets, Crush Step 1: The Ultimate USMLE Step 1 Review, Instant Workups: A Clinical Guide to Medicine, and Pfenninger and Fowler’s Procedures for Primary Care

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How it Works

Crowd-sourced content

Rather than studying with questions written by authors, we are sourcing our Qbank from you! Sometimes writing questions and explanations that others can use can be the best study tool of all! Add questions that you think others will benefit from seeing. Participate as a contributor, an end user or both. It's the future of exam preparation!

Effective Test Prep

Our system allows people to flag "bad" questions so that they will be removed from the database. Additionally, contributors will be rewarded for adding quality practice questions. All of this happens in real time so that our question bank remains constantly effective, relevant, current and fresh. The more contributors we have, the better it will be!

Hubert H. - University of Maryland Medical School

"A great way to give back to the medical student community that has given me so much guidance"

Our Story

We are people with tremendous experience and passion for test prep. We feel that it's time to bring the test prep experience up to speed with technology. And it 's time to make it free! Read more about our founders, Matt Harris and Dr. Ted O'Connell.

Our Vision

We are on a mission to address the access gap to high-quality test preparation products and we want to reduce the soaring cost of medical education. Our goal is to make test preparation effective, free, and not tied to a particular publisher or test preparation company.


SInce 1997 our founders and engineers have created and licensed test prep and exam platforms as well as have written practice questions for companies like Kaplan, Pearson, McGraw Hill and Elsevier. We built ExamCircle with all of our successes and mistakes in mind so that you can experience the most effective test prep platform in the world. 

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New Acheivements!

January 04, 2019

Announcing two new Achievement badges! Our handsome "Cameron Barrington" test account has earned them both! Use the invitation area at the bottom of your profile page to invite at least 10 people that sign up and earn the "Signer Upper" badge. If you enter at least 50 questions that remain in the system (haven't been flagged or removed), receive the coveted "Contributors Club" badge!

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